Why Does It Exist?


Alex Rose was born in Jonquière, Québec and currently resides in Montreal. That means that, yes, he’s pretty French. He graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Communcation Studies and has been known to work as a copy-editor, translator and whipping boy. He likes vinyl records, barbecue, Verdun, and good movies (sometimes). In this picture he is wearing his girlfriend’s sunglasses and doesn’t see a problem with that.


Dan Weir was too lazy to write this bio, so Alex had to do it. A native of New Brunswick, Dan is perhaps best known for the one time that Julie Cooper from the OC hit on him in his place of employment. He has logged time as lead singer of Toronto party-rockers Fashion Tips as well as honky-tonk heartbreakers Tyger Tyger. When not gallivanting to Bruce Springsteen songs with his shirt off, Dan likes to argue about the superiority of blues LP reissues. He is currently completing a master’s degree in Film Studies at Concordia University, focusing on Marxist themes in the pre-Arrested Development works of Jason Bateman (I think?).


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