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Podcast #6: Catch the Heat (1987)

In Podcasts on January 8, 2012 at 7:38 pm

This is simultaneously an extremely accurate and extremely misleading image to encapsulate Catch the Heat.

This came very close to being the best episode you’ve never heard. Ostensibly humbled by the academic tone of our discussion, Dan’s computer decided to commit seppuku soon after we recorded the episode. Thankfully, we were able to salvage the files and bring you an enlightening discussion of Catch the Heat, a 1987 actioner that reunites Stirling Siliphant (Village of the Damned, Poseidon Adventure) with his fellow In the Heat of the Night Oscar winner, Rod Steiger.

Steiger lethargically shuffles through his role as a talent agent/drug dealer who has found a rather unique way of smuggling Argentinian heroin into the United States. Unfortunately for him (and us), supervixen cop Checkers Goldberg (!) is on the case.


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Music for this week’s episode is provided by the City Streets. Their new EP, Decline of the West, is available for free download HERE. The City Streets will be performing Neil Young’s ‘Tonight’s the Night’ in its entirety on January 10th at Casa del Popolo – more info HERE.

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