Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #8: Blood Out (2011)

In Podcasts on January 22, 2012 at 9:27 pm

What I like about 50 Cent's acting is his ability to never inhabit roles in any way.

It was bound to happen again. After their dynamite-ish pairing in the first-ever Why Does It Exist? text review, 50 Cent an Val Kilmer once again renew their fated, symbiotic relationship in Blood Out. Except that they don’t actually appear together in this movie, and their combined screen time is roughly eight minutes. Instead, Blood Out is a surprisingly not-terrible movie about a dude from a boy band running around Shreveport ‘thuggin’ and punching other dudes in the head. WDIE fan favorite Vinnie Jones is a British guy that’s so scary, he’s hardly anywhere to be found (as usual) and Annalyne McCord from the 90210 reboot gets naked. A good time was had by all. Blood out.

This episode features a dangerous amount of vocal stylings by Alex but no construction of bike racks. Some would say this is in fact worse.


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Music this week is provided by bluegrass wunderkinds Bum Tickins. You can find them here and download their album here and here.

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