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Podcast #16: Thunderpants (2002)

In Podcasts on March 18, 2012 at 7:16 pm

We are now accepting donations in order to blow up this fine depiction of glistening manmeat for Roxane as a going-away present. Give generously.

We say goodbye to collaborator and all-time most frequent guest Roxane Hudon as she sets sail for Glasgow with THUNDERPANTS, a British kitchen-sink comedy about a small boy who harvests the power of his incessant farts in order to shoot off into space. Rupert Grint plays his best friend, a lil’ scientist type. Also, Paul Giamatti is involved.  We have the world’s pre-eminent expert on Rupert Grintology in the studio to help us unpack the dense mystery that is THUNDERPANTS.


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Music this week is courtesy of Bones Malones. The track ‘A Better Way’ can be found on his 2011 album Calyptophone, available here. Due to the Internet crapping out on us mid-podcast, we did not mention on-air that Bones Malones will be joining Trigger Effect for a show at Petit Campus in Montreal on April 13th, 2012, as well as Divan Orange with Ryan McNally on May 24th. Check it out!

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