Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #19: Tomorrow Never Comes (1978)

In Podcasts on April 10, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Behind the scenes peek: if there's a poster here instead of a hilarious picture, I probably forgot the DVD at Dan's.

After a brief (yet predictable) MIA spell for Dan, Why Does It Exist? returns for a month-long foray into the exciting world of Canuxploitation and more specifically of tax-shelter films from 1978 to 1982. Capital Cost April begins in full swing with Tomorrow Never Comes, a Montreal-shot hostage thriller that essentially plays out like a low-wattage Dog Day Afternoon with 100% more cans of Molson Export. A whispery, roast-beefesque Oliver Reed leads negotiations with the unhinged Stephen McHattie as he holds his ex-girlfriend (Susan George of Straw Dogs infamy, wailing hysterically as always) hostage. Lots of character actors are trotted out to give exposition, everybody sweats a whole bunch and the rebellious spirit of 1978 Laval is stamped out in favour of non-descript suburban nonsense.


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Featured music this week are selections from Montreal supergroup Quatro’s newest EP, Les éclairs me donnent la vie. You can listen to and purchase it here.

  1. […] being terrorized by a deadly Black Mamba snake dull as dishwater. They (along with Susan George, reteaming with Reed for another Why Does It Exist? film) play a group of would-be kidnappers who get more than they […]

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