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Podcast #21: Hog Wild (1980)

In Podcasts on April 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm

You know things are about to get real when your tough guy antagonists look like Robert Rodriguez and Phil Lynott.

No study of Canadian tax shelter films would be complete without a zany snobs-vs.-slobs sex comedy. Hog Wild more or less fulfills that purpose by pitting a young Michael Biehn and his nerdy cohorts against the least threatening group of bikers in the history of cinema. At this point we know full well that nothing warms the cockles of Dan’s heart like pratfalls and foodfights and the film delivers in spades. Meanwhile, Alex rails against the perceived threat of CGI nudity, we discuss the Mario cartoon / live-action hybrid, our respective graduation songs and Jian Ghomeshi’s soothing monologues.

If you’re in Montreal this week, be sure to check out our live show! We’ll be introducing a 16mm screening of Saturn 3 at the Blue Sunshine Psychotronic Film Centre on April 27th! Entrance is 8$ with a free drink!


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Music this week is Wild Rose Country by Holland Creek. You can download their album Houses for FREE here.

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