Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #23: One Trick Pony

In Podcasts on May 6, 2012 at 5:29 pm

I almost went for one of Mopin’ Simon, but this is more important in terms of archiving nonsensical shit.

Hot off the success of his supporting role in Annie Hall, Paul Simon went full tilt boogie and wrote himself a starring vehicle in the form of One Trick Pony, an extremely mopey 1980 drama where Simon plays a less successful (and ostensibly much mopier) version of himself that opens for the B-52s, beds St. Elmo’s Fire alumni Mare Winningham and finds low-rent antagonists in a Top 40-centered producer played by Lou Reed and  a clueless record company bigwig played by Rip Torn in a ravishing Prince Valiant haircut. Lots of pint-sized pondering from Simon and some of the most generic music of his career in this week’s Why Does It Exist?


Direct download

Liberated Sydnication


Music this week is provided by UN. The song ‘Go Seeker!’ will appear on their upcoming full-length, due out in June. You can find them online here and here.

  1. […] actor/writer/director Bud Cort. Whereas helmers of previous Why Does It Exist vanity projects like One Trick Pony and Falling From Grace were content in placing themselves in the mopiest situations, Cort goes a […]

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