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Podcast #25: BrainWaves (1983)

In Podcasts on May 22, 2012 at 7:15 pm

With a title like that, I thought they would maybe get sucked into the videogame, but alas… At least we have Brainscan.

Keir Dullea and a highly bored Tony Curtis star in BrainWaves, a dumb horror/thriller by serial-killer auteur and possible Worst Director of All Time Ulli Lommell that we picked because it happened to be shot in San Francisco, from which Alex has just recently returned. Unfortunately this ain’t no Bullit, although someone does narrowly avoid getting run over by a cable car.  Instead it’s more or less like the longest Twilight Zone episode ever while also pulling off the feat of being the shortest film we’ve seen yet. We discuss public nudity, Keith Moon’s solo album, Curtis’ almost-pathological need to play doctors in batshit insane Z-list movies and Dan’s tortured relationship with sex doctor Sue Johansen.


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Music this week provided by She’s Got A Habit. The song Call it Love can be found on the Blindfold Test EP, available here . They’ve also just released a live video for the track Different Directions which you can view here.

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