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Podcast #31: Longshot: The Movie (2001)

In Podcasts on July 6, 2012 at 12:41 pm

This is what appears to be a coffee-stained picture of our Efron-like lead, Joey Sculthorpe, and his luxurious ‘pone’.

Nothing makes you more keenly aware of your mortality than seeing a time that seems like the recent past turn out to be dated and painfully lame. It happens to everyone and it happened to us while watching Longshot: The Movie, a film so rooted in its turn-of-the-century time period that it prominently features O-Town, LFO and N*Sync on the box (and, thankfully, the film). Written and produced by by sweaty Floridian svengali Lou Pearlman (he of Backstreet Boys and spending-25-years-in-federal-prison fame), it’s a hybrid gangster / teen film packed with cameos from such childhood luminaries as Dustin Diamond, Kenny Rogers and Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell. It’s about something, I bet (something about spying for trade secrets and also being bullied by Zachary Ty Bryan), but for us it was mostly about the non-stop barrage of cameos, each more useless than the next.

To properly experience this laugh-a-minute thrill ride, we invited Orlando native Andy White of TONSTARTSSBANDHT and Andy Boay to bring in the unique Orlando perspective of the Sunshine State’s jazz age, the fabled boy-band era. Suffice to say that the only person better positioned to deal with Longshot: The Movie (not to be confused with Longshot: The Podcast or Longshot: The Superhero) would’ve been Lou Pearlman.


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Music this week provided by Sheer Agony. The song ‘She’s an Artist’ can be found on their self-titled 7’’ available here.

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