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Podcast #33: Dream a Little Dream 2 (1995)

In Podcasts on July 20, 2012 at 8:34 am

As this was VHS, I had to settle for this candid culled from my vast archive of Two Coreys-related material.

After 33 episodes, another dream is finally crossed off the bucket list: we finally watched a pointless, straight-to-DVD sequel to a movie no one cared about in the first place. In fact, we’d not even seen the original. In a novel twist, Dream a Little Dream 2 predates the whole Road House 2: Dalton’s War / Wild Things 9: Buttsmash phenomenon by almost ten years. Indeed, Dream a Little Dream 2 pits the protagonists of the original forgotten body-switching comedy, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, against a femme fatale and a mobster who seek to recover the Coreys’ magical pairs of sunglasses that are highly sought after for their impressive mind control abilities.

Although one would expect plenty of shenanigans and cheeky humor based on the work of those crappy hypnotists they hire at company Christmas parties, Dream a Little Dream 2 mostly squanders its runtime on unfunny circular conversations, faux-trippy dream sequences and inane chase sequences comprised almost entirely of cost-cutting measures.

Joining me for the second week of Dan’s self-imposed exile in a Tibetan monastery is past guest and current Lolita-like sexpot thespian Alex Weiner. Alex appears in the short Attack of the Brainsucker, premiering this week at Fantasia. For more information about the projet Alex is working on with filmmaker Rafal Zielinski (he of Sundance winner Fun fame), check out the Tiger Within website.


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Music this week is Out of the Past by the Redmond Barry’s. You can find it on their 1949 Murders EP, available here. The Redmond Barry’s will be playing at Death Church (just around the corner from Why Does It Exist? HQ) with Hopeless Youth on August 22nd as well as performing as part of the Pop Montreal festival this September.

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