Why Does It Exist?

Episode #44: Busted (1997)

In Podcasts on October 22, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Whether or not this is an actual boner joke is really beside the point here.

Finally! After about a month of messing around, here is the not-really-lost Lost Episode recorded in sunny Toronto, Canada with the increasingly elusive, hobo-like Dan Weir!  Having recently acquired a phat stack of crap from reliable crap merchant Honest Ed’s, I gave Dan first dibs on the movies and he picked Busted, an unassuming-looking sex comedy that also doubles as Corey Feldman’s sole directorial effort to this day. It is, as you can assume, super shitty. In what I can only assume will come across as a historic event, we discuss the general grossness of sex in the 90’s, that one Ginetto Reno record that might be OK, Tom Jones in all of his variable permutations, the movie in some regards and Dan’s newfound bohemian existence in some depth.


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Music this week provided by Eagle Tears. The track The Shovel can be found on their Bandcamp.  You can catch them live at Piranha Bar in Montreal on November 17th.

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