Why Does It Exist?


In Uncategorized on January 28, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Hello everyone.

You may be wondering where I’ve been all this time. No more reviews, no more podcasts? Have I died? I have not. The podcast is on a bit of a hiatus due to technical difficulties, but should be up and running again within the next week, right in time for the second week of FEBURTUARY! In the meantime, I have been writing movie reviews at Cult MTL. Why Does It Exist fans will find much to enjoy in my monthly column Made in MTL, where I explore mildly obscure films shot in Montreal:

The Pyx (1973)

Street Smart (1987)

King’s Ransom (2005)

Noel (2004)

Swindle (2002)

You may also have missed my appearance in 9to5.cc’s Go Plug Yourself so listen to that if you have been hankerin’ for my voice. Dan remains MIA at the time these words are being typed.

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