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Podcast #46: The Chaperone (2011)

In Podcasts on December 13, 2012 at 10:29 am

The voice of Lisa Simpson and the voice of the people, together at last. Viva la revolution.

You had almost given up on me, hadn’t you? After a couple of bungled attempts, the hiatus finally ends today with The Chaperone, a not-really-comedy that finds WWE superstar Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque as an ex-con also serving as a chaperone for his daughter’s (Ariel Winter from Modern Family) school trip while his former partners (led by scumbag character actor extraordinaire Kevin Corrigan) try to retrieve a bag of money that also made its way on the bus. Lessons are learned and brows are furrowed almost perpetually.

Joining me this week are Walter and Keith from 9to5.cc’s Go Plug Yourself, Montreal’s premium interview podcast that often devolves into wrestling talk, making them perfect guests for an ostensible kids’ movie starring a wrestler that talks way more than he beats people up. We discuss Fraggles, wrestling injuries in great detail, the Montreal podcast scene and various other delights. Please note that recording a podcast is not like riding a bike and I seem to have forgotten how to make this sound optimal – it is, however, listenable. And hilarious. And sexy.


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Music this week by The World Provider. The song ‘Tough Signal’ off the album History of Pain can be found here.

You can catch Walter doing standup comedy around town – he’s also putting on the third annual edition of The Hilarious Holiday Hoedown at the Wheel Club in NDG.

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