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Podcast #54: Like Mike 2 (2006)

In Podcasts on June 5, 2013 at 7:26 pm

One of the many hidden perks of magic shoes: music-less music videos!

We love unnecessary sequels here at Why Does It Exist?, and we particularly love sequels to movie we have not seen nor have any intention of seeing. Yet when my guest Lucy Kiparissis chose Like Mike 2 from the pile, I must admit I was a little surprised. Even in the realm of straight-to-DVD sequels to movies that no one understands, it’s the underdog. It’s also, from what I can gather, exactly the same as the first movie, except it centers on the murky concept of a kid getting magic shoes and playing STREETBALL as opposed to basketball.

Joining me this week is the aforementioned Lucy Kiparissis – you can hear her read out community announcements on CJLO 1690 every two hours, but she told me not to plug that.


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Music this week by leamers. The track ‘Don’t Look Down’ off their MAGIC, YO EP can be found here. You can also catch them as part of Fringe on June 8th.

  1. I haven’t finished listening to this yet, but I must register a nerdy protest against Lucy’s notion that the original Star Trek was just about going out and kicking ass while Next Gen was correctly political and sensitive and all that shit. The original Star Trek almost always dealt with social and political issues in its episodes. The writers of that show were often published science fiction authors (Theodore Sturgeon, Richard Matheson, Fredric Brown, Harlan Ellison to name a few) from the time when sci-fi was becoming very political and social. The Cold War, native rights, feminism, discrimation and many other issues were explored quite heavily (and quite heavy-handedly as well at times). Next Generation’s political and social sensitivity was a direct evolution from what the original series started.

    You don’t have to go whole hog into it, but I would recommend checking out a couple episodes online just to get a sense of what it was all about.

    Anyways, great work. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the show and your further suffering.

    • Haha, I will pass this on to Lucy. As someone who is entirely neutral about Star Trek, I cannot comment further.

      Thanks for listening!

    • I would like to go on record absolutely agreeing with this statement and apologizing if my interpretation of Roddenberry’s vision for the original series was in any way misunderstood during the podcast. I could lay on for aaaaaaages how socially progressive the original series was.

      Picard’s a better captain, though, for realsies.

      – Lucy

      • Yes, it was just a quick, throwaway line and you really sounded like you knew your shit, so I was a bit surprised to hear it. Thanks for clearing it up and please take my original critique in the spirit it was intended, slightly tongue-in-cheek nerdiness with a dash of didacticism!

        Need I remind you that William Shatner is Canadian? We are constitutionally obligated to consider Kirk the best captain. Though I gotta agree, Picard was pretty badass and for the longest time the poster boy for “bald men can be sexy” back in the 90s.

      • That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

  2. Yeah just to add on to the OFFICIAL STATEMENT I presented to Alex, I could have for an exhaustive period (as I’ve been known to do) on the significance of ST:TOS both as a landmark broadcast television serial and as a platform for political/social progressive trends in 1960s American science fiction, but I was sensitive to the fact that I probably would have used up all the allotted time for the podcast, and there was still ~*~*~*~*STREETBALL*~*~*~*~ to discuss.
    I was thrilled the first comment was about Star Trek, though, as it should be.

    (re: Shatner —- I’m a terrible patriot anyway.)

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