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Podcast #58: The Pacific Connection (1974)

In Podcasts on September 5, 2013 at 3:46 pm
Oh yeah, there's an inexplicable samurai in this.

Oh yeah, there’s an inexplicable samurai in this.

The Pacific Connection is the classic tale of a man who has two sticks and an overwhelming desire to whip bad guys in the nards with them. This weirdly enthusiastic Filipino martial-arts movie is a veritable who’s-who of actors who’d do anything for a paycheck (and by that I mean mostly Dean Stockwell) furiously furrowing their brow while a shirtless guy attempts to whack them senseless. It’s almost bad enough to be fun, but also filled with repetitive and mindless fight scenes and a weird blind hippie who stumbles around giving people healing herbs (OK, that last part is pretty cool). Despite being obscure enough that I had to whip out the VCR to watch my copy, it’s actually available in full on YouTube – I’m almost certain that whoever holds the rights to this won’t mind or notice.

WDIE old-timer Michel Thiffault-O’Narey is back to witness the carnage and be extremely uncomfortable about what he perceives to be my cultural insensitivity about a movie where shots to the balls are the stuff of high drama. Although his band The Hot Showers is no more, you can get their final EP here. (PS: this was the first episode recorded after the hiatus, but released after, so that’s why I keep referencing the fact we’re coming back from something.)


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Music this week provided by FRIGID. Their song ‘Flesh’ off the upcoming double album ‘Violence of the Heart’ be found here.