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Podcast #53: Guns, Girls and Gambling (2011)

In Podcasts on May 16, 2013 at 9:32 am
The last thing a bad joke sees before it dies.

The last thing a bad joke sees before it dies.

It sounds like it could be the perfect Why Does It Exist movie: an unholy convergence of dated post-Tarantino hipdom, a washed-up cast at various levels of career trauma and the strained, flopsweat-drenched comedy of a first-time open mic-er. Despite being about the bloody battle for a priceless Native American artifact waged between Elvis impersonators, crooked cops, unscrupulous casino owners and Christian Slater, Guns, Girls and Gambling is the perfect example of Why Does It Exist? flying too close to the sun. It is painful despite the presence of Gary Oldman as Elvis, whose presence is offset by Chris Kattan as a gay Elvis impersonator and Dane Cook as a cop who chews a lot of gum.

Shawn van de Peppel joins me as we sink deep into the convoluted waters of Guns, Girls and Gambling. Listen to the end for an exclusive announcement of something that may or may not happen.


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Music this week by Trade Secrets. The song ‘Nocturnal’ off their EP No Relation can be found here.