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Episode #27: Percy (1971)

In Podcasts on June 3, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Pretty much the funniest, sexiest part of this so-called sex comedy.

Everything’s gone topsy-turvy in this week’s episode: we record the opening and dissection four days apart, the music is by Dan and this would-be slapstick comedy about a penis transplant actually turns out to be neither a comedy or explicitly about what it purports to be about. Percy is a brooding dramedy about a man who goes to unnecessary lengths to find the former lovers of the sizeable, philandering penis he’s inherited after a naked guy falls on him. Surprisingly it’s very light in shenanigans and tomfoolery, but it provides us with a large canvas in which to make an array of penis jokes the likes of which have only been seen on more unsavoury corners of the Internet.


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Music this week provided by Tyger Tyger. The song ‘Hell Won’t Be So Bad With You’ off the Caramel Log Cabin album can be downloaded here.