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Podcast #45: Campfire Stories (2001)

In Podcasts on October 30, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Just a good ol’ fashioned CGI snake strangulation while tripping balls in the woods.

October draws to a close with a viewing of the truly disturbing Campfire Stories, a lame-ass horror anthology based on an imaginary comic book by the CEO of Felix the Cat Enterprises that gave early credits to actors like Charlie Day, Abigail Spencer, Rob McElhenney, Jamie Lynn Sigler, John ‘Eyebrows McAnimeFace’ Hensley and a young Perez Hilton as well as capturing the shitty early 2000s incarnation of The Misfits in its ICP-like glory. Told by The New York Dolls’ David Johansen in full Tom Waits mode (I assure you that the multiple musical references end here), Campfire Stories is public-access-level horror in its most delightfully embarrassing form.

Here to brave the terrifying tales with me is Ariel Esteban Cayer, boy wonder of the film writing world (Fangoria, Panorama Cinema, Spectacular Optical). Ariel and I discuss the generally dicey subgenre of horror anthologies, the film’s deep-running moral core (or not), a show narrated by a blue cockroach that we can’t remember the name of and other GHOULISH DELIGHTS in this last episode of October.


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Music this week by Play Audio. The track ‘When the Bomb Drops’ can be found at their Bandcamp.