Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #2: Passion Play (2011)

In Podcasts on December 8, 2011 at 9:10 am

The life that Dan aspires to.

Passion Play had been on my Why Does It Exist? radar for a while, but was disqualified for a myriad of reasons that include a) a theatrical release; b) a certain level of notoriety after Mickey Rourke went and ran his mouth about it before it came out; c) an entry in Nathan Rabin’s My Year of Flops column, which as you diehard fans know automatically disqualifies a film from being covered on the blog.

That rule, however, does not apply to the podcast, so Dan and I sat down and took in an hour and a half of soulful staring by Rourke and Hollywood sexpot extraordinaire Megan Fox under the bemused eyes of the Prince of Bemusement, Bill Murray. As you’ll see, your esteemed hosts had somewhat different reactions to the material.

Music for this episode is provided by The Hot Showers, a rock trio notable for being the first band in Why Does It Exist history not to feature Dan Weir. You can find their official website here and download their album at your own price here.

As always, there are several ways to obtain the podcast:

On the iTunes page!

A direct download!

Punching in the RSS feed to your favorite podcatching method!

Coming over to my house and having me put it on roughly fifty floppy disks!

This also marks the last episode in the hallowed We-Didn’t-Know-What-We-Were-Doing period of podcasting history. From this point on, sound will be 89% less tinny, but the material will remain equally as punny.

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