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Podcast #3: Loose Cannons

In Podcasts on December 15, 2011 at 10:05 am

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? DOM stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

Buddy cop movies are the comfort food of the movie world: they’re always the same and that’s what we want from them. We want to see the same dumb jokes, shit blowing up and formerly-good actor hamming it up as the villain. Loose Cannons promises the crazy team up of Gene Hackman (arguably the best actor ever) and Dan Aykroyd (arguably Dan Aykroyd), jumping through plate glass windows and kicking Dom DeLuise in the teeth. While this sort of happens, it’s a lot more painful than it sounds.

Loose Cannons is the food poisoning of the movie world: it looks like it’ll be a good time but it actually ends up being several hours of runny shit, sweating profusely and incessant abdominal cramping. Gene Hackman looks bored, Dan Aykroyd tries way too hard and Dom DeLuise waddles around in the worst movie we’ve dealt with thus far in the audio realm, all of which is directed by the perpetually questionable Bob Clark.

PS: Last week I said that this was going to be the last episode that sounds like we are hanging out underwater. I was wrong. After this episode, we changed locations and fixed up our equipment – this is the last of the ‘pilot’ shows, so to speak.

Music for this episode is provided by The Firework Express. The guys are launching their new EP at Club Lambi (4465 St. Laurent in Montreal) on December 17th, so go check that out if you like what you hear. While you’re at it, check out their video for the song Where Are We Now?, directed by Louis Lazaris.

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