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Podcast #13: The Man Who Loved Women (1983)

In Podcasts on February 26, 2012 at 7:39 pm

Just be glad this isn't the picture of Burt sculpting naked.

FeBURTuary finally comes to an end with The Man Who Loved Women, an ill-advised remake of a Francois Truffaut movie where a fully-bearded Burt plays God’s actual, bonafide gift to women. Despite being a real movie that was made with real studio money and actual expectations behind it, it is pretty underwhelming and definitely sexist. If you ever wondered why Burt never made a movie where Kim Basigner couldn’t resist blowing him at all times, he did. If you were wondering if there exists footage of Burt Reynolds sculpting naked or making out with Mary Poppins, there does. If you thought Burt Reynolds’ career was severely lacking in doe-eyed, artistic characters who just love too much, this is the movie for you.


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Music this week is provided by Folly & The Hunter. The song Cost from their album Residents can be found here. Folly & The Hunter are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to gather funds for their second album; support them in this endeavor here.

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