Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #14: Camp Hell (2011)

In Podcasts on March 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm

The only accurate thing about this cover is the spelling of Eisenberg's name. I think.

Terrible movies often have to straight-up lie in order to con people into watching them; this is a tried-and-true technique that goes back to stag loops being played out in dingy parlours in the 1920s (probably). It happens twofold in Camp Hell, a movie that so obviously lies that Hollywood A-lister Jesse Eisenberg actually sued the production company for using his likeness in a movie that he does nominally appear in. Presented as a Red State-ish religious horror movie, Camp Hell is actually a limp-ass Catholic guilt psychological thriller that barely features Eisenberg at all. Spawn comic books, dry-humping, masta-bation and DEMONIC POSSESSION all come to a head in a very boring manner.

In this episode, we learn about Dan’s tangled religious past, Alex’s begrudging love of ska and the finer points of felching balls. We also meet TIMMY AND THE DEMON, Why Does It Exist?’s official shock-jock morning radio duo. Write us at whydoesitexist@gmail.com to enter the FORGET ABOUT IT contest and win the actual fucking copy of Forget About It that we watched!


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Music this week provided by The Damn Truth – you can download the track ‘Kinda Awkward’ for free here. The Damn Truth will be performing at Cherry Cola’s (200 Bathurst) as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 21st and at Quai des Brumes (St-Denis, corner Mont-Royal) in Montreal on March 23rd.

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