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Podcast #40: They Crawl (2001)

In Podcasts on September 10, 2012 at 10:37 am

In this scene, one of the poorly-developed characters gets eaten by leftover bits of code from GoldenEye 64.

I don’t know about you guys, but I got a little sick of navigating the thorny gender issues of bad romantic comedies and making everyone uncomfortable in the last couple of weeks, so I opted for something a little ‘safer’ this week: mutant cockroaches and Mickey Rourke. Despite that seemingly perfect combo, it pains me to say that Rourke and the mutant cockroaches do not share any screentime in They Crawl. This low-budget mystery thriller doesn’t really utilize the cockroaches that much either, but does have the jock boyfriend dude from Van Wilder shaking down one-time Hollywood hopefuls in warehouses. Rourke appears briefly in lounge wear and granny glasses to spout some exposition and throw a door at lead tough cop Tamara Davies – it’s that kind of movie.

I’m joined once again by Louis Lazaris as we expound on Breaking Bad (inevitably), Jamie Foxx and his personal appreciation of ParaNorman, Gabourey Sidibe’s crying skills and other edifying topics. The film that Louis and I co-directed, Something More Than Nothing, will be screening as part of the YoungCuts festival in Montreal on October 13th. (The film is not available for streaming on the website but I assure you that this is the date on which it is screening!)


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Music this week provided by Loose Pistons. The song Linda’s Private Moments can be found on their Bandcamp. You can catch Loose Pistons at the Silver Dollar in Toronto on September 15th, at Club Lambi (as part of the POP Montreal festival) on the 22nd and at the legendary Cavestomp Festival in NYC (date to be determined).

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