Why Does It Exist?

Podcast #41: Play Dead (2009)

In Podcasts on September 17, 2012 at 9:15 am

That’s when Clark Duke realized he had made a terrible mistake.

A staple of the straight-to-DVD / Why Does It Exist? diet, the post-Tarantino, Fargo-esque black comedy has been pretty underrepresented on the site so far, for the sole reason that its existence is easily justified by the critical and financial success of the movies it apes. We know why those exist – but up until now, none of them starred the irresistible combo of Chris Klein and Fred Durst (y’know, from Limp Bizkit).

Play Dead is a pretty terrible boilerplate crime comedy (think U-Turn meets Galaxy Quest meets a dentist’s waiting room) with Klein in fetal Nic Cage mode and Durst actually doing a pretty good job of playing a murder-for-hire simpleton. Joining me for this episode is yet another former video store crony, Arnaud Audette. We awkwardly dance around the fact that we never speak English to each other, discuss rap metal supergroup Methods of Mayhem, take a shit on the new Resident Evil movie and completely forget to wrap up with the titular question. You can check out his musical projet, Morning Breath, here.


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Liberated Syndication

Music this week by Michael Mooney. The track Transmission X can be found here.

  1. Hey good stuff. You are doing the lord’s work, throwing yourself on cinematic grenades so the rest of us sickos who are fascinated by the question your podcast’s name poses don’t actually have to suffer through them. I’ll slowly make my way through your back catalogue.

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