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Podcast #42: The Dead One (2007)

In Podcasts on October 3, 2012 at 11:29 pm


Of the main cast of That 70’s Show, Wilmer Valderrama has probably been the most elusive since the end of the show. He’s been here and there, he’s still roughly as famous as he’s ever been, but his film career never took off. Chances are that movies like El Muerto: The Dead One are mostly responsible for that. A remarkably ill-advised low-budget attempt to turn an obscure comic book into a Latino The Crow franchise, The Dead One is a limp, uninteresting anti-Aztec (!) diatribe that features a cross-dressing Billy Drago, Fez shooting himself in the stomach with a shotgun, a lot of chest touching (not as hot as it sounds) and more shitty CGI storms than your local news affiliate.

Joining me this week is Brian Hastie, host of CJLO 1690 AM’s Countdown to Armageddon and fellow Cult MTL writer. Brian trades in the blasting riffs and corpse paint for plinky-plonky GarageBand music and Wilmer Valderrama furiously applying makeup while kneeling in a cemetery. We discuss Lil’ Wayne’s dalliances with TMZ, our comfort levels at the idea of being driven around by various celebrities and our mutual MP Tyrone Benskin’s crowning moment in 300. You can follow Brian on Twitter @brianhastie.


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Music this week provided by The Bawdy Electric. The track A Modern Frontier can be found here. The Bawdy Electric will be performing at Casa del Popolo on Friday, October 26th. They are currently working on their first EP with fellow Montreal podcast Edge of the City for release in 2013.

  1. What are you talking about? It’s the prcefet heckle. Clean with no curse words, alluding to a rumor’ about his mother which he all but confirms with his response, and the heckler gets the attention and response out of the player he wanted out of the heckled player without being ejected.I’ll give you, Bron-Bron’s response was lame, but that’s because he’s a dumbass spoiled whiny b!tch. Tell me though, what is your definition of a better heckle than that?

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