Why Does It Exist?

Episode #32: Falling From Grace (1992)

In Podcasts on July 13, 2012 at 8:37 am

If Mellencamp could find a way to hook his thumbs into his belt loops while lying down on his stomach, he would.

Nothing has ever quite tugged at Why Does It Exist?’s heartstrings like unmodulated hubris, especially from rich and famous musicians having a bad couple of years. That’s why we decided to watching Falling from Grace, an ill-advised bid at legitimacy from heartland rock pioneer John Mellencamp (who stars, directs and scores) wherein he uses incest and tense family relations as a fantastic excuse to stick his thumbs in his belt loops and pout. Great character actors are alternately smashed with a frying pan or demoted to senile comic relief status while Mellencamp works his way through the single-most laborious and painful way to make an album ever captured on film by the dude who shot Billy Madison.

We enlisted Shawn van de Peppel, drummer of The Hot Showers, webmaster of Them Blue Midnights and president of the Northeastern Montreal Mellencamp Superfans chapter to help us parse through this mess of don’t-wanna-talk-about-it anthems. You can check out his writings, drumming and weiner shots all over the Internet!


Direct download

Liberated Syndication



This episode’s music provided by Ol’ Savannah. The song ‘She Done Gone to the Devil’ can be found on their Underneath the Big Red Barn album here. Ol’ Savannah is performing at  Terrasse St-Ambroise on Friday, July 20th and embarking on a tour of the Maritimes starting on the 21st.

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